We are so delighted you have joined us

in our beautiful Silver Home!

Did you know that an experience you’ve had, an understanding you’ve gained and a perspective born from your life’s journey will be invaluable to someone in our community? And of course the opposite is true too – we have so much we can learn from others.

You are inherently wise simply by the fact you’ve lived at least five decades.
You are valid and valuable in our world today.
And you have wisdom worth sharing.

With your help we’re creating a web of wise elder women around the world reinvesting in ourselves and each other in order to reconnect with our innate wisdom. By un-tapping this vast reservoir of knowledge and skill we will organically challenge convention about the role of the older woman in our society today, and serve our communities invaluably.

We have found the following ‘rules of engagement’ help keep us as safe as we can be in an online environment. We consider ourselves an inclusive community, one in which we have freedom of speech to explore a variety of topics, however this does not mean we have a free for all, expecting everyone to be tolerant of our widely different views so please be respectful and read/agree to the requests below.