Here’s a list of frequently asked questions from our SilverWeb community.

Q: How do I make sure my profile and posts are private?

The first thing is to check the default privacy settings which are set to Public. Wherever your privacy setting is set to public either here, in The Silver Tent, or on Facebook, it means that your profile can be seen outside the community, same as for posts and comments. So, to choose your privacy setting check in your menu for Preferences. You can select the setting for who can see your profile, who can post on your profile. When you post the same applies. Under your post you have the option to choose the privacy setting. Public means it can be seen outside the community (same as on FB, literally the general public), so click and choose what you prefer. We recommend Site Members.

Q: Do I see posts from the whole community or just from my friends?

You can choose. Click on SilverWeb in the menu and you’ll open up a page with Recent Activity as a title. A little below this is a Community group icon. When you click on this you receive the option to see posts from the entire community or reduce this to those members and groups you follow.

Q: Do I receive notifications like I do in FB?

Once again you are at choice. Click on Preferences in your menu, and in the page it opens choose the Notifications tab. If you leave this on the default you will receive notifications for everything as an email and it may drive you mad. Go through the options and select which ones you want.

Q: How do I upload a video in a post?

Currently we don’t have the server space to have videos uploaded to our community, but you can copy and paste URLs from videos on YouTube etc, and post the links. This will enable videos to be seen. We are exploring what kind of server costs will enable us to upgrade this function but at the moment it is cost prohibitive.

Q: Can I do the equivalent of a FB Live here in The Silver Tent Community?

No, this is functionality we don’t have yet. However, you can open your own YouTube Channel and live-stream in to the community.

Q: How do I post and promote my events?

This is a benefit of Silver Synergy membership. If you are a Silver Synergy member, then please contact the awesome Steffie Betts, as she is in charge of uploading the events in to our Events section. Once your event is uploaded, you can promote on your profile and you’ll have the option to utilise our Advertising functionality.

Q: Who can advertise?

This is a benefit of Silver Synergy membership.

Q: Who can set up a group?

This functionality is mainly a benefit of Synergy membership, however if you are not a Synergy member and have a great idea for a Group you’d love to host, please ask an admin such as myself or Steffie Betts, as we will offer these with discretion.

Q: Where can I find Guidelines and Files, like we had in the FB groups?

We will be adding a Resources Group soon, where you will find all this information.