Community Rules

In The Silver Tent we encourage each other to share our stories and ask our questions.
Through these exchanges we discover from our diversity and culture, experiences, gifts and abilities, that we each have a unique blend of wisdom.
For us to express ourselves as authentically as possible we need to feel safe.
We need to know that our different perspectives won’t be harshly judged, and that our voices can be heard.
With this in mind we ask that we all accept a few rules and regulations

Please Do Not:

1. Engage in any form of degrading or belittling or make judgemental comments about topics such as racism, religion, culture, sexual orientation or preference, politics, or any other potentially inflammatory subject. Abuse of this kind is absolutely not acceptable. Please be aware of your impact.

2. Be aggressive or disrespectful towards any specific group of people. Our discussions are open to people from all backgrounds.

3. Use hate-speech.

4. Break the law. This includes posting material that breaches copyright or defamatory laws; condoning or promoting illegal activity. This also includes posts which could be considered contempt of court (* see note below).

5. Post or send spam (i.e the same comment, topic or private message multiple times). Chain emails are considered spam.

6. Advertise commercial interests or post surveys unless you are a fully paid member of Silver Synergy.

7. Coerce any members of The Silver Tent to work with you.

8. Pretend or claim to represent a person or organisation.

9. Post in a language other than English. Currently we don’t have the resources to support multi-lingual discussion.

10. Discuss other members disrespectfully on the site. Under no circumstances post anyone’s personal details or private messages without their permission.

11. Use multiple accounts. Only one account per person is allowed for free members of The Silver Tent. Members of Silver Synergy may have one personal account alongside their business account(s).

12. Create an alternative account if you have been banned from this site.

13. Use pictures/images of a sexual nature, or which contain offensive language. This includes using the site to invite sexual liaisons or posting explicit sexual content in profiles, personal messaging, groups or blogs.

14. Block Admin – This is an obvious rule but, if you should block any of the admins in this community, so they are unable to see your posts and comments, you break trust and render this space unsafe, and will be removed immediately.

(* Contempt occurs by publication of material which carries a substantial risk of seriously prejudicing criminal proceedings. For example do not speculate on the guilt or innocence of the accused or the conduct of witnesses, or hypothesise about possible previous convictions and the outcome of a trial.)

Any posts, content or behaviour, which violate these Community Rules, may be edited or removed by The Silver Tent admin in their absolute discretion.

The health and cohesion of The Silver Tent itself, as a community, is more important than any individual. If there is cause to believe that a member is disrupting the health of the whole in any way, including continually violating the Community Guidelines their membership will be terminated.

Some parts of the site are available for viewing by non-members, ie members that are not logged in. You should assume that all posts in the community section and comments on posts and articles are public.

We reiterate again that you are responsible for the information that you post in the open areas, so please do be cautious if it is of a sensitive nature. Again, we would like to stress that we want to create a warm, supportive environment for women to connect.

Thank you so much for joining us in this beautiful silver space.